Rabu, 25 Desember 2013

Relationship 690 Kilometer

Disclaimer : I am bad in English, so if there is a sentence that doesn’t match please understandable.
This day, December, 25. Precisely 2 years my relationship with my girl now. Good times and the bad times came to us. I never have a planned to through this two years with her. I just followed the wind has blown. We never planned about future together. I guess me and her have a great different, i don’t mean this is about our age. Ok, she's a year older than me. But, i mean i am too selfish. Book, music, movie and my modification bike project spend almost all my time, but i may be angry if she not have many time when i was done take care my job. I made a many rule of this relationship and i am sure, it make her felt so not happy with that. Occasional certainly we fight because it. Moreover we separated 690 kilometer distance. I am in Bogor and she in Ponorogo. Maybe just love that make us stand.

I felt no one thing that make we both look same, she don’t have musical taste like me. She never heard Social Distortion, The Smiths or Velvet Underground. She was good in math and i am so bad with calculate. She interest in traveling and i don’t, i define travelling that do by human contribute most of nature destruction. For example they leave a many rubbish in around areas. But she always has a many opposite opinion, she says that travelling will make us close to the nature. But i and her realize all of them make us learn each other, make us more mature in future.

I seldom to call her, but she’s always took to call me twice or three times a week. To share her story to me. Although sometimes I'm not a good listeners. And every day i always text her, ask what her doing, remind to pray and eat and sometimes some joke. We often fight at the telephone, about the things we do not understand. But a few moments later she will be spoiled exceed a small baby. In a several times she was engaged me to her university, visit her class, met her friends. 

Lately somehow we do some plan, we have to discuss about marriage, a baby, and become a family. Ok, nevermind maybe is the time to make a plan. I’ll turn 21 several month again, and she will turn 22, on october. We planned three or four years later we can go together tied with knot. 

Ok, two years and i still have some hope to us. I wish we can more understand each other, i wish we can forgive and forget each other if there any mistake. I just yours now and forever i hope. Absolutely, I was too afraid to lose you.

And baby the last question, Are you having fun ?

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